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September 2009




The Wounded Hero always gets my notice. When I read the back cover blurb for Healing Luke, the story instantly became a Must Read. Once I read the story, I knew that I would "corner" it here. Poignant. Emotional. Romantic. It will touch anyone who reads it.

Beth Cornelison has provided us with some "fun facts". Below that, I have copied my review for Healing Luke. Last is information to win your own copy of Healing Luke



Ten Things You Didn't Know About HEALING LUKE and Beth Cornelison

If you're addicted to Facebook like I am, you've probably seen the "10 Things About Me" list circulating. I thought it might be fun to share a list of 10 things about the book and about me that you don't know. Totally trivial facts, as it were, but fun nonetheless! So let's get started...

1) Okay, the first one is kinda a repeat since I mentioned it earlier but...I'm addicted to Facebook. I play Wordscraper, Farkle, and Chain Reaction on FB when I need a break from writing.

2) Many years ago, the first draft of HEALING LUKE was written in long hand in spiral notebooks. Finally my husband saw the need for a home PC, and I've worked on a computer ever since.

3) Many revisions ago, HEALING LUKE took third place in the 2000 Southern Heat writing contest for unpublished writers.

4) The original title for HEALING LUKE was Second Chances.

5) When I originally wrote HEALING LUKE, I also started a book for his brother Aaron. Somewhere, on an old hard drive to a former computer and an obsolete 3.5 inch floppy disc, I still have the first 200 or so pages of that book. I'm desperately trying to find a way to recoup those pages!

6) When I was writing the first drafts of HEALING LUKE, the GooGoo Dolls' Iris became my "theme song" for Luke.

7) A local hand therapist helped me with my research for the therapy scenes in HEALING LUKE.

8) When Luke and Abby accompany Aaron to the karaoke bar, I had specific songs in mind that they sang. Aaron - Garth Brooks' Two Pina Coladas, Abby - Jo Dee Messina's Bye Bye. While I don't imagine Aaron is a fan of country music, Abby might be. When I wrote the book, country was my mainstay, but my musical tastes are usually pretty eclectic.

9) The idea for HEALING LUKE came to me after a family vacation in Destin, Florida. Destin and snorkeling remain family vacation favorites.

10) To date, I've had 8 romantic suspense novels published with three publishers. HEALING LUKE is my first contemporary romance, and Sourcebooks becomes my fourth publisher. I have 6 more romantic suspense books due out in the next 18 months or so. Whew!

11) BONUS! The most frequent question I've had since HEALING LUKE was released has been "Will Aaron have his own book?" The answer is: I hope so! (See # 5) As soon as my schedule allows (See # 10) I will begin working on Aaron's book! Stay tuned for more information...

So now you're all ready for the HEALING LUKE category when it comes up on Jeopardy!

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Healing Luke

Although nobody was at fault, Luke Morgan wore the scars of a tragic accident. An explosion had left him missing both an eye and a thumb, along with burns over much of his body. He couldn't go in public. He could no longer compete with his brother over catching a girl's eye. He didn't bother with his therapy. He simply existed.

Abby Stanford knew she didn't have "it" - that unidentifiable quality that captured a man's interest, and never let go. After all, her own fiance had cheated on her. So here she was, alone on what should have been her honeymoon, determined to still enjoy herself and leaving her work and cares behind.

Instead, she found an assignment. She was an occupational therapist who didn't specialize with Luke's problems, but his brother and father were certain she could help. Abby was the only person who Luke had shown any reaction to since the accident, and they were willing to do anything to help this man they loved.

Healing Luke was an emotional read that captured my interest from the very first page and I did not want to put it down. Even after Luke and Abby's story was over, I wanted to stay with their family. I want to go back and see Luke's brother, Aaron, find a woman to love, as well as their father Bart find happiness. All the characters had suffered pain - Luke, the physical pain of an accident, Abby, the emotional pain of betrayal, Aaron, the guilt of seeing is brother's accident, and Bart, the pain of watching a son suffer. Through it all, it is love that is a constant, underlying force that heals. I adored this story, and I look forward to reading additional stories by this author.

Kathy Andrico -


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