Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling Series

May 2009




I have a confession. I'm addicted to Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling series. Yes, as hard as it may be to believe, whenever I read the newest book in the series (and yes, this time I mean Branded By Fire which is utterly phenomenal,) I have to go back and skim through the previous titles.



Why is this? Am I alone with this dilemma? I sincerely doubt it. Do I have a favorite? Absolutely, Mine To Possess actually has a spine crease (which is a huge compliment for an author from me). Why am I such a fan? It is as simple and complex as the world Ms Singh has created.

The series is set a few years in the future, but it has an alternate world history, with not only humans, but also changelings and psy.

One century earlier, the psy had chosen Silence, a means to eliminate emotion. Essentially, they are psychic, but with many varied levels and types. They live where numbers, power, and contol direct them.

The changeling are as varied as there are aminals. They live together in packs, or something similar, among others of their kind. This series has revolved mostly around two predator packs, one wolf, another feline, although we have seen many others. They are very tactile, protective of their own, and devoted to their mates.

Finally, there are the humans, who are, well, human.

It is a series that I highly suggest readers start at the beginning with Slave To Sensation. I did start with the second story, and it was a little difficult to follow. There are conspiracies, threats, hidden dangers, and new allies at every turn. The characters are diverse, complex, and virtually leap off the page.

I highly recommned fans of this series to go to Nalini Singh's Book Page. There, you will find links to free reads, behind-the-scenes and more.

I have a Profile Page for Nalini Singh where you will find my posted reviews.

And now, if you haven't started this series already, I highly suggest that you get Slave To Sensation, and Enjoy!

Oh, and one more thing - she has GREAT covers for her books! Isn't the cover of her November release Blaze of Memory HOT! And then once you peek around her website and find out whose story it is...











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