The Baby Trail

Baby Bonds Series - Book 2

Silhouette Special Edition #1767

By Karen Rose Smith

July 2006

Contemporary Romance

The appearance of a baby at Gwen Langworthy's home had her seeking the help of ex-FBI agent Garrett Maxwell. It was well known that he searched for children who had disappeared. Gwen wanted his help in finding the mother. Having grown up without any idea who her biological parents were, she did not want that burden on Baby Amy.

Since his divorce, Garrett liked the isolated life he had made for himself. He had his business in security consulting, but was willing to help find children. Finding an adult was not something he did, and having a partner was definitely something he did not want. But it quickly became apparent to Garrett that when Gwen was determined, what she wanted - she got. And she wanted him to find Baby Amy's mother. She also intended to be there every step of the way with him. He would just ignore the fact that he started to enjoy the fact that she was there with him.

The Baby Trail is the second in Ms Smith's Baby Bonds series about three friends who find love in the small fictional town of Wild Horse Junction. Gwen has been abandoned by so many people, that other than for her three best friends, she finds it difficult in trusting others, and the loss of his child and marriage had left deep wounds in Garrett. It is only with the helping of a helpless infant that these two can heal themselves, and in turn find love in each other's arms.

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