The Woman For Dusty Conrad

Old Orchard Series - Book 1

Silhouette Special Edition #1427

By Tori Carrington

October 2001

Contemporary Romance

This romance could not have been timed for a more appropriate release. In the wake of the tragedy of September 11, we have all learned about the sacrifices made by our police and firefighters. We have heard firefighters refer to their "brothers" and have learned of their strong bond. This story touches on the fears that the families may have for the safety of their loved ones who continuously put their lives on the line for others. It touches on the brotherhood of its members, and how they all are part of one large family.

Dusty had returned - and Jolie didn't know if she should laugh or cry. She was thrilled to have the husband she loved back, but she knew there was only one reason he was here. It was those divorce papers. She hadn't signed them. She didn't want to sign them. She wouldn't sign them. The longer she didn't, the longer she had to try to convince Dusty to stay.

But Dusty doesn't want to stay. There are too many memories here. This was the house he'd grown up in, the street he'd worked on, the town he'd lived in his whole life. Every corner held a memory - and the fact that this was a small town where everyone knew your business and didn't mind telling you how to run it didn't help. He hadn't expected the cravings he felt for Jolie to be so fierce, maybe he'd thought that over time they'd dissipate - yeah, right. But regardless of his intense feelings and that Jolie reciprocated those feelings - the fact remained that she was a firefighter. She put her life on the line daily, and he couldn't live the fear of losing her anymore. He had quit working at the station and needed her to do so as well, but fighting fires was a part of her heart and soul - and he couldn't change her.

Not only can this story be considered a tribute to all the firefighters who risk their lives to protect ours, but it also reflects the heroism of the families who support them. And as the dedication of this book shows, these heroes are not exclusive to America. They are men and women worldwide.

Kathy Andrico